The Street Food of Bolivia

South America is famous for its great food, and Bolivia is no exception, with many dishes being exclusive to this country. Let’s take a look at all things you shouldn’t miss if you decide to visit Bolivia. 


For anyone interested in great food, Antichucho might be a great way to start. This dish is rather old, and it dates to the pre-Columbian era. The modern version of this meal became popular between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, and you can find it in several countries.

These inexpensive, beef heart dishes are a street cart staple. In Bolivia, people usually use either beef or chicken and serve it with roast potatoes and a peanut sauce. Some people prepare it with boiled potatoes and bread too, but it’s not as common in Bolivia — after the conquistadors arrived, so did European ingredients like garlic. 

In the times of the Inca Empire,

The best restaurants in Bolivia

When it comes to traveling, there are a lot of things that come in the list and food is on the top of all. Here we are providing you a list of restaurants that could be considered if you are traveling to Bolivia for the first time and do not have any idea about the places that serve good food.

EL Fogon Del Gringo

Before we discuss much the restaurant, we really need to discuss the city in which it is located. This restaurant is actually in Tarija, which is very close to Argentina and this means that the city is a hub of the Asado, which is a kind of BBQ meat. So, Asado is the most popular cuisine of Tarija and could be found at various places, but what you get at EL Fogon Del Gringo could not be found anywhere else. Not just for the awesome meat …

How to Enjoy Bolivia’s Sex District

Each year more and more people are deciding to visit Bolivia. While it is still not the number one traveling destination, thousands of tourists visit the country each year. There are so many things you can see here, from untouched nature to remnants of ancient civilizations. Here, we will try to cover everything you need to see if you decide to visit this incredible South American country. 

Bolivia as a Tourist Destination

While it is not the most popular tourist destination, there are still many things you could see in Bolivia. Almost half a million people visit this South American country annually, and the numbers seem to be increasing. 

Of course, the increase in the number of visits is great, and it’s a shame people don’t visit the country more often. But why would anyone visit Bolivia, you might ask? The country is a gem when it comes to natural