Is prostitution legal in Bolivia?

In Bolivia, the entire thing of prostitution is regulated and legal so you will see that there are several brothels that are licensed and all the prostitutes are registered. All the prostitutes are asked to register themselves and go for regular health checkups in order to see whether they are suffering from any STD or sexually transmitted diseases. This process is repeated in every alternate 20 days. So the police can easily check whether the prostitutes that are working in the brothel are having proper registration or not and see whether they have visited the clinic in the last 20 days.

Social views:

Prostitution is not a new thing in Bolivia and it is seen that the society wills severely stigmatized the prostitutes. Prostitutes face a lot of blame because of the rise of HIV infection and other problems. In the year 2007 in El Alto, the angry locals started …

What is the average monthly cost of living in Bolivia?

If you are in South America then you would definitely know that one of the most improvised places here in Bolivia. Compared to the previous years one can say that the price of living in Bolivia nowadays has raised a bit, but it is also affordable at the same time. When there is a comparison between the peers of South American then one can say that Bolivia is way behind them. It does lack in terms of infrastructure, training, education, business sophistication, and financial market. But recently it was seen that there was a growth of 5.7% in the financial status and which is why inflation or hike has been encountered in the Bolivian market.

Bolivia Is an affordable place and it offers a unique culture, breathtaking scenery and activities for adrenaline pumping and you can enjoy each of them without breaking your entire savings. So if you’re thinking of …