Bolivia’s Sex District Essentials: Booze, Prostitutes, and Sex Toys

Choosing a vacation destination is hard with so many places to go. But for a gang of guys, it generally depends on how much money they have and what vehicle they will have to catch to get there. The choices are endless, but if you want adventure then Bolivia is the place to head to. Bolivia isn’t a little known travel destination. Plenty of people head out there year after year to have a good time, although the idea of a good time differs when it’s just a gang of guys going on a trip. Then the idea of a good time becomes booze, prostitutes and sex toys. So let’s talk about each one and explore Bolivia a little better in the best way possible.

What are the drinks available in Bolivia?

While you will find the common drinks like beer, rum, and stuff in here, but coming to Bolivia and not tasting the local booze will make you regret that decision later on. The liquor, which is unique in Bolivia is a grape brandy called Singani. This is produced in a very high elevation plateau area in the Altiplano. The best way to drink this is with a slice of little lime and ice. There are many different types of Singani available here, like:

  • Chuflay: The Chuflay is made up of ginger ale or lemon-lime soda, Singani and a slice of lime too. You can also add Sprite or 7up instead of the lemon lime soda if you want. This drink is said to have its origins amongst the British and American railroad engineers in the early 19th century. Ginger ale and gin was the famous combination back then. But in the absence of gin, Singani was used for a substitute. Nowadays, Chuflay is one of the most famous drinks in Bolivia.
  • Yungueño: This cocktail is made up of singani, orange juice, and syrup. This tasty drink’s name actually refers to the yungas which is a place of humid and warm valleys situated along the eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains. This place is populated by the Afro Bolivians who were the inventors of the drink. It’s recommended that you drink it on a very hot day especially when you need something refreshing but cold too. This is perfect if you need to have something to soothe your throat after a hot trek up the hills.
  • Sucumbé: Back in the 16th century, the slave trade was booming and so thousands of slaves from Africa were brought to work the Potosi Mines. There they drank a combination of liquor and hot milk to combat the unforgiving cold of the place. Sucumbé is made up of eggs, milk, and cinnamon. This concoction might also remind one of egg nog. You should definitely give it a try once.
  • Tumbo cocktail: Most might not know, but Tumbo in English is called “banana passionfruit”. It is actually a kind of sweet native fruit which is found in Peru and Bolivia. The cocktail is made up of singani, condensed milk, and Tumbo. The sweet and sour flavor of the delicious Tumbo gives the drink an edge. The end result is an alcoholic but creamy smoothie. You can have it as an evening drink.
  • Té con té: High elevation areas of the Andes region experience freezing temperatures and so Bolivians there have found out many ways to keep themselves warm. One such way is by drinking the Té con té. It is made up of singani and served up with piping hot black tea, lime, and cinnamon. This is perfect for any chilly night.

But that’s not all you will get here. Know about the kinds of beer and wines found her are well:

  • Beer: Beer or cerveza is found in bars, restaurants, shops and in almost all places. Bolivians are very fond of this and they consume it in huge quantities during their fiestas. You will be glad to know that all the major cities have their own breweries which produce German-style beers. The quality ranges from good to of reasonable quality and they have the strength of about five percent.

Most of the beer found here is in returnable bottles, even though cans are coming into more popular use. As for cost, you will be able to get a 750ml bottle for around Bs15. For brands to try out- get the Paceña, Huari, Taquiña, and Potosina. All of these have different flavors even if they are made by the same company and in the same place. Try to avoid the Sureña and Ducal as they aren’t particularly well liked at all. Many breweries also make something like a dark but sweet, stout resembling beer called Malta. Also, know that you will get drunk faster at higher altitudes so drink responsibly.

  • Wines: Wines aren’t that widely consumed but they are indeed made here in the Tarija Valley, which has the highest vineyards in the world. If you want to indulge in wine then know that the best ones are Kohlberg, Concepción, and Aranjuez. You will get imported wines from Argentina and Chile as well and you will also find that they are often times cheaper too.

What about prostitutes in Bolivia?

If you are committed to having a good time there, then there are some things which you should know about prostitution in Bolivia:

  • Prostitution in Bolivia is regulated and legal. It can only be actually carried out by registered prostitutes in licensed brothels.
  • Prostitutes have to register and undergo regular health checks every twenty days for sexually transmitted diseases. Also, know that the police can check if the prostitutes are indeed registered or not. They can also check if they have gone to a clinic in the last twenty days or not.

The sex toys in Bolivia

There are a lot of sex toys which you can use with your sexual partner while in Bolivia. Some of these are:

  • Tomboi Harness: This has a comfortable and silky fit which is perfect for penetrative sex. This harness looks like underwear and can hold any type of dildo you put in there.
  • Vibrator: If you want to try out something other than penetrative sex then a vibrator is exactly what you need. There are many different types of vibrators out there but if you want to try out something different then get the egg-shaped one. This one is also controlled by an app so you will be able to insert it in your partner’s vagina and use it as foreplay whenever you want to.
  • Cock ring: The vibrating cock ring works great for men. There are different types of cock rings available but get try to the one which has the padded silicone ring that sits right at the base of the penis. This adds multiple pleasurable vibrations which allow both the partners to enjoy penetrative sex more.
  • Club vibe: Thinking about how you can make your night more pleasurable? Then you can tell your partner to put this in her panties and see how it controls her. There will also be a remote control which will allow you control over when she gets pleasure.
  • Je joue: If you aren’t able to decide between a penetrative toy and a cock ring then we ask- why to choose when you can indeed have both. This one comes with a vibrating base as well as two attachments which lets you and your partner decide who gets the vibration.
  • Sex ramp: Sometimes all you need to get pleasure and spice up your sex life is a change of position. Find out how you can bend and also bend your partner’s bodies so that you can get deeper penetration by using this machine washable, comfortable sex ramp.
  • Door jam cuffs: If you are into bondage, but want to try something other than handcuffs, then this is the answer to your questions. Door jam cuffs can be put on the door of your room and then all you have to do is strap in for the ride.
  • Partner multi-fun 1: This toy lives up to its ‘multi’ name as it is a cock ring, a g-spot stimulator, and a clit vibrator all in one. Using this with your partner will certainly arouse a lot of sexual curiosity.
  • Novice butt plug: If you want to try out the anal stimulation, but don’t know where to begin with then this plug is perfect. This comes with a remote and there are varying levels of vibration which you can get with this. But know that this plug does need a water-based lube. You can use this plug to better your oral sex and penetrative sex for sure.

Bolivia has many attractions which have the ability to dazzle anyone but the best kind of attractions come alive at night and stay so. The heady combination of booze, sex and sex toys will make anyone’s night. So enjoy the views of the snow capped mountains and lower temperatures during the day before warming yourself up at night.