How can the use of butt plugs add a spark in your relationship

Sex toys can be quite fun, and implementing them into your relationship can add something new, thrilling, and unique. There are so many sex toys for couples that can significantly improve communication, intimacy, and sexual activity of the couple. 

Sex Toys Can Make or Break Relationships

There is no doubt that sex toys can have an impact on a relationship. But whether it is a positive or negative one mostly depends on the couple. For some, adding toys can also add a special spark to the relationship and make everything more thrilling. On the other hand, for other couples, this might be a deal-breaker. 

Many couples opt for using toys to keep the spark alive, and it can do wonders. Using toys is not as taboo as it used to be, and the market is filled with different types designed for couples. 

The best way to go around this potential issue is to talk to your partner and see what they think about using sex toys in the bedroom. If both partners go shopping together, they can find the toy that’s perfect for both and enjoy using it together. 


Proper Introduction of Sex Toys Matter

Using toys can significantly improve sexual pleasure. After all, they are designed to help you reach orgasm. But what is the right way to approach your partner with this topic? 

It is normal to be a bit worried and nervous when trying to experience something new. Bringing up the topic of sex toys is no different. However, assuming that you are in a long-term relationship, it’s safe to say that you have a lot in common with your partner. You are together for a reason, and saying that you like something or that you are willing to experiment shouldn’t be an issue. 

Talk to your partner and say that you are willing to try out something new. Of course, you should also tell them that you still love them and that toys just mean extra fun and not a way to fix something. 

Unfortunately, some men believe that toys are a sign that they are not doing a good job, and that they aren’t good lovers. The truth is that they couldn’t be more wrong. Sex toys can increase pleasure, and there are so many designed specifically for couples. If you are still in doubt, think of pizza. It is perfect the way it is, but adding extra cheese is always a good idea. 

A Butt Plug Is a Great Toy to Use in Relationships

One of the best toys a couple can try is a butt plug. These anal toys are designed to stay inside your ass, and they provide different types of sensation. Many people who are into anal play use these neat little things, and extra stimulation they provide can be the very thing that gets them over the edge. 

If you are one of many who enjoy anal sex, there isn’t a better way to prepare for it than butt plugs. Usually, plugs are a part of anal training kits, and they can be quite helpful, especially for a beginner. 

Naturally, plugs aren’t used for anal sex only. You can add them to your bedroom for other purposes as well. So many people enjoy the feeling of butt plug while giving or receiving oral sex, and they are great for double penetration as well. For females, anal plugs are a great way to add something extra to clitoral stimulation.  There are a lot of butt plugs designed for beginners which you can order online from LP.

Moreover, many males use butt plugs as well, since they can act as prostate massagers.

The Use of Sex Toys Improve the Couple’s Communication

Probably the main advantage of sex toys is that they can significantly improve one’s relationship. Since you will go together through the whole process, you will improve communication. The best course of action is to go together and find a sex toy that both of you will enjoy. If you talk to your partner, and if they are involved in the whole process, it is less likely that they will feel rejected or replaced by your new toy. 

Furthermore, since the main goal of sex toys is to provide pleasure, both you and your partner will feel less anxious. That is because there is less pressure on performance, and both of you can relax and enjoy each other more. 

Many couples who introduced toys into their sex life can improve their self-awareness. It’s obvious how toys can help you discover more about your body and what you or your partner can do to make each other feel great. 

Improved Intimacy

Plugs will also increase the chance of having an orgasm and make things more intimate. Regardless of the toy you use, you will feel closer to your partner if you implement something like a vibrating cock ring or finger vibrators.

In the beginning, sex is mostly physical. Anyone can use sex for physical pleasure, but it takes so much more to create intimacy between two people. There is no secret that sex toys can make you feel vulnerable. But is there a better person to feel vulnerable with than your partner?

Sharing deepest desires, kinks, and secrets will bring you closer. It can also significantly improve intimacy between you and your partner. And the best thing is that sex toys are beneficial for both parties. The receiving partner can experience something they never felt before, and the giving side would be the one to make it happen. Once you have tried sex toys together, you will wonder how you lived all these years without one. 


Getting your first sex toy as a couple can be scary. But the key is communication. Talk to your partner, share your fantasies, and go shopping together. One of the best toys for couples is a butt plug, and it can be so much more than simple preparation for anal sex. Not only can it add a spark to your relationship, but it can also improve intimacy and communication.