How can the use of butt plugs add a spark in your relationship

Butt plugs are a bit like oysters: one person tries them and experiences sheer ecstasy the first time, for others they mean anything but pleasure. And just like oysters, butt plugs can be tried out by people of all gender identities and sexualities and, at best, enjoyed – “the butt is the ideal equalizer

Anal plug for enjoyable anal intercourse

Who hasn’t got around yet: Anal intercourse means inserting the penis into the anus of a sexual partner, regardless of whether they are heterosexual or homosexual partners. After a long taboo, anal sex has undergone a renaissance in recent years. Reputable estimates assume that around half of all heterosexual couples have practical experience with anal intercourse. Not only the active part comes here, but also the “passive”, receiving partner at his lustful cost, that is: the orgasm is possible for both genders.

Since the anus is usually a bit narrower than the vagina, careful, preparatory measures are highly recommended. What has proven to be very practical and at the same time surprisingly pleasant is handling the anal plug using sufficient amounts of a lubricant. Its conical shape allows it to slide effortlessly into the anus, while its broad base, like an insurmountable safety barrier, reliably prevents the toy from completely disappearing into the dark.

What does a butt plug do?

For people with a prostate, the use of a plug can put pleasant pressure on the area that is often described as a P-point and thus equivalent to the G-point. For people without a prostate, the plug can arouse a pleasurable feeling of being fulfilled and stimulate the nervous anus zone. They also stimulate the clitoris and G-spot, which is why some women like to use a butt plug in addition to vaginal penetration.

Anyone who has ever thought about trying a butt plug will probably have a few questions … Here are a few answers.

  1. Butt plugs come in different sizes – start with the smallest

Like vibrators and dildos, butt plugs are available in all sizes, materials and shapes. If you are new to business, start with a small, narrow model – now is not the time for big ambitions! There are a lot of butt plugs designed for beginners which you can order online from LP.

Ultimately, this is about anatomy: anal muscles are like biceps and triceps, they would have to be trained to become more flexible and stretchable over time. That sounds more like a personal trainer now, but practice makes perfect. Absolutely necessary: ​​conscious relaxation and relaxation of the muscles.

  1. A butt plug can neither get stuck nor disappear in you

The urban legends of people admitted to the emergency room with oversized butt plug may still be spreading that something like this happens in real life, but is extremely unlikely. The reason is simple: every anal toy comes with a flat end, a kind of stand that holds the plug outside of the body.

Another safety tip: Skin and body-friendly materials such as silicone, metal or glass are preferable to rubber or TPE plastic because the latter can become brittle over time. For the first try, silicone is definitely the material of choice because it is soft, comfortable and flexible.

  1. Lube is not optional, it is a must

For those who did not know it: In contrast to the vagina, the anus does not have the supplied humidification. This means that the use of a lubricant when using a butt plug is absolutely necessary! Experts usually recommend a silicone-based product because it lasts longer than the water-based version (plus: it survives the shower, which will please fans of sex in the shower). The disadvantage: silicone-based lubricant does not go together with silicone butt plugs – in the long term, the toy will become brittle.

What is the best way to apply the lubricant?

One variant: rub the plug with it and additionally apply a drop to the anus. Press the plug gently on the anus for a few seconds and consciously relax the muscles. Pull the plug back and rub it in again with lubricant and reinsert it to the point of resistance. Repeat the procedure until the plug can be fully inserted, often requiring three to five repetitions.

For the return trip: Apply lubricant again, hold the “base” firmly and pull it out slowly and carefully. If necessary, help with lubricant. The removal may feel strange at first, with relaxed muscles and enough lubricant, the plug should slip out easily.

  1. Butt plugs are not just foreplay for anal sex

They are often used for this, but the toys are also worth trying, for example, as a variant for vaginal sex: Wearing a butt plug while doing this not only exerts the pressure on the clitoris, but also narrows the vagina. This can massively increase the sensitivity of penetrative sex for both partners, especially if it is a vibrating plug.

A butt plug is also a possible partner for sex alone and can provide deeper, more intense orgasms.

  1. Butt plugs must not hurt

The butt is one of the most erogenous zones in the body and the anal canal is home to extremely sensitive nerve endings. This makes the Derrière a place with great fun potential – and pain potential. If using butt plugs or any kind of anal practice feels a little uncomfortable or even painful, stop what you are doing immediately.

Pain may be at the wrong angle, too fast or too deep, or it may just not feel good for you and your body. Try more lubricant, another plug, at a different time. Or, maybe never again. The body has enough places, the touch of which creates a nice feeling.

Anal plug for men

The prostate is extremely sensitive to touch, every man knows who has ever had to go through a medical check-up. As a consequence of this knowledge, the stimulating method of prostate massage has developed. The orgasm triggered by this is felt by most men as much more intense than that caused by the irritation of the limb. Therefore, various practices of additional stimulation of the prostate have become established, in order to intensify the enjoyment during masturbation as well as during oral sex or even during “dog posture”. Quite apart from the prostate: Orgasm means that the pelvic floor muscles contract, which is associated with tension in the anal muscles.