How Did Latex Clothing Transition From Being a Fetish Wear to Fashion Wear

Throughout history, men and women would experiment with all sorts of clothes and styles. However, the goal was always the same — cover up what you deem imperfect on your body and, in turn, make yourself look more attractive to others. This sort of thinking would create the fashion industry that’s worth billions of dollars today.


The fashion industry is always on the prowl for new ideas that they can turn into products to provide their customers with. They look for inspiration everywhere, meaning they would borrow from underground sex circles as well. One such circle is the BDSM community, with their shiny latex costumes that are breaking into mainstream fashion.


Today, it’s not uncommon to see pop stars and other celebrities wearing these clothes at both public events and in private. They are setting the standards, and many of us are more than willing to follow up on them. But how did such a stigmatized piece of clothing material become normal? Isn’t it still a symbol of whips, high heels, and S&M action?

Brief History of Latex Clothing

The history of latex goes back some 200 years. Namely, in the 1800s, a Scotsman, Charles Macintosh, would come up with this rubbery fabric. However, his intentions weren’t dirty at all. He wanted to create a line of waterproof coats from this new material.


Unfortunately for Macintosh, things didn’t go as smoothly as he would have hoped for. The material would get all sticky, and at higher temperatures, it would begin to melt. As such, it wasn’t a commercial success. Yet, it would still catch up with a certain group of people.

Who Used to Wear Latex?

It wasn’t long before people found a purpose for Macintosh’s rubbery fabric. Early kinksters adopted it since they found that it’s somehow special when a woman puts it on. They were the first to see the potential of combining shiny latex and sexual fantasies. But who were those early kinksters, and how did they come together?


Well, at the beginning of the 20th century, British men and women would gather around their mutual love for kinks and fetishes. Eventually, they formed England’s Mackintosh Society. Yep! With the letter “K,” which they adopted along the way. In the following years, they exchanged letters regularly about how good latex looked and felt over a nude body.


Later on, in the 1960s, The Avengers TV series popularized latex even more with one of the characters, Emma Peel, wearing it as a catsuit. This would inspire punk designers Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren a decade later. Vivien and Malcolm are the first to popularize punk fashion in the mainstream, and latex was their go-to material.


By the time the 1980s came along, everyone in the entertainment business was wearing latex, from glam rockers to regular people who were looking to stir up some controversy. The shiny material was everywhere, and from that point on, it would continue to be a favorite for eccentrics as well as fetish enthusiasts all around the world.

Fashion Shows and Latex Clothing

From Paris to Milan and New York to London, the fashion industry has its events where they present numerous new ideas, designers, and materials. These events are so popular that getting into them is almost impossible if you’re not a celebrity billionaire. Still, their combined wealth doesn’t stop them from borrowing ideas from the rest of us. The same goes for latex, as it’s no longer just kinkster clothing but a common sight at major fashion shows. And if you’re into them, getting yourself one that’s worthwhile is going to be a challenge but you can find it here at’s one of the widest collections of latex clothing.


Every year, you can find photos of major celebrities and pop stars attending those events in full-on latex. Everyone from the Kardashians to Cardi B and Lady Gaga just can’t get enough of this shiny material. Designers use it for one-piece outfits, boots, gloves, and even hoodies. This suggests how, in the future, latex won’t just be for people into BDSM. Instead, it will become more and more popular, as we’ll combine it with jeans, T-shirts, and skirts.

Can You Wear Latex Clothing Daily?

Like all things out there, latex has its pros and cons. Namely, when it comes to the negatives, latex isn’t exactly the most comfortable piece of fabric. It restricts airflow, making you overheat way faster than while wearing other clothes. On the other hand, it signals to others how you’re some sex freak, as taboos around it are still present. This means that you’ll need to be courageous to wear it to work or when going shopping for groceries.


Nevertheless, none of this means that latex fashion shouldn’t be your choice. If you combine it smartly with other suitable clothing, you can make it work. Still, it’s important to know that going too tight with it can cause movement and heat issues. Therefore, making it your everyday fashion choice isn’t ideal. Aside from using it at home while with your partner, make sure to keep it exclusive for parties and special events.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Your First Latex Clothing

If you’re really into latex clothing, who are we to argue otherwise? Moreover, we’re all for it if it makes you feel good and suits your overall style. But before we leave you, it’s only fair to point out some things to consider before purchasing a latex outfit.


Firstly, why do you want to wear latex? Is it just for some between the sheets action, or is it for everyday use? If it’s the first, go for it immediately. On the other hand, if you want to wear it as regular clothes, do consider your local climate. Wearing it in the heat won’t be a pleasant experience due to heat issues, so you might start to hate it.


If you do purchase latex, you should learn how to keep it clean. You can’t use your washing machine as it might damage the material. Instead, you’ll need to wash it manually by submerging it in warm, soapy water. Once clean, let it drip dry over your bathtub and away from direct sunlight. Only then will you be able to properly store it for some other time.