What You Need to Know When Hooking up During Your Travels

If you travel often, you’re well aware of all the amazing things you can experience along the way. Meeting exciting new people is certainly one of those. However, before you enter a fling or decide to go for a one-night stand abroad, you should take some things into consideration. Let’s see what hooking up during travels is like.

Traveling Is a Great Way to Meet Different People Especially When You Are Single

Since our great human-like ancestor stood up on their two legs, humans have been traveling. It’s in our genes. But enough about our ancestors — they didn’t have the opportunity to visit the beautiful beaches of Bali or go around Europe on trips that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, we have this opportunity, and besides having fun looking at some mesmerizing scenery, traveling is a great way to add new people to your life. So here are some travel hookup rules you should go over before your next trip.

Serious Relationships Are Tricky

Being that far from home in a new environment can set you in a unique mood. It’s like you are coming back to your true self in a way, and that could be perfect for meeting new people and of course, hooking up.

The fact that you’re relaxed and stress-free means that any relationship you start can quickly go to the next level. In such a setting, you can open up to the other person more easily. Since you are both away from your everyday lives, you might feel that there’s nothing that stands in the way between you, and you have all the time in the world for each other. However, be careful with giving your heart that easily because the fantasy might exist only in your head (or heart).

Hooking up while traveling can lead to some beautiful things, but it’s a hit or miss, and there’s always a probability the other side wants something completely different from it. Be open to anything, but also be careful.

Do Not Focus on Hooking Up

Yeah, sex when traveling is great, but have you tried simply focusing on your travel experience? Of course, spending a lot of time with someone interesting you just met is awesome, but you didn’t plan the trip because of that, we hope. You can do that in your hometown every weekend. You’re traveling because you need to charge your batteries, experience something new, or just feast your eyes on some beautiful scenery.

All that could be a little difficult when you’re constantly looking for a partner. There are simply too many things you could miss because you are making out or spending your days in bed. If you are traveling with your friends, they will surely not be happy with you being away all the time. Let us put it this way — imagine not being in any photo or travel story your friends will be talking about for the next couple of months just because you were tongue deep in someone.

Hostels Must Be Sex-Free Zones

It’s kind of hard to control yourself when the needs hit — that’s understandable. However, another unwritten rule of travel hookup sex says: “Hostels are a sex-free zone!”. That’s not just because being polite is the right thing to do, but it can also save you from any unpleasant experiences you could have with other guests or hostel staff. Even worse, it could save you from being kicked out of your accommodation.

When push comes to shove, find somewhere you can enjoy the time with that special someone in peace and privacy. The best thing to do is get a private hotel room so that you can do all the things that other people do and not worry about being interrupted, caught, arrested, etc. Besides, there’s two of you, so you can split the bill. It’s a great way to plan something together for the first time.

Get Tested

This may be the most important thing you need to do. Get tested before you leave the country. There should be no arguing about this one. You don’t want to be the person who ruins someone’s vacation. Imagine how embarrassed you would be if you were to the one to give someone an STD during a travel hookup. There’s just too much to deal with, and all of that could be avoided by doing one simple test.

Of course, you can never be too sure about other people, so that’s just one of the reasons you should always use protection. If you are a man, the manliest thing to do is to always carry some protection with you. And if you are a woman, be smart and don’t let the man decide if he’s man enough or not — bring protection yourself.

Consent Is the Number-One Rule

Another golden rule of any relationship, whether a travel one or just a regular hookup, is that it has to have consent from both sides. It’s easy to get carried away, especially if we’re talking about summer vacation. Sun, fresh air, maybe a couple of drinks, and you can easily turn into a violator. So always double-, or even triple-check with the other side that both of you want the same thing. There’s no way you can know what’s in the other person’s head, and even if you think you do, there’s no harm in checking.

It can also be quite sexy to talk about your needs and wishes, rather than having to figure out the hard way, by trying and failing. You don’t know each other that well, so there’s a bigger chance something can go wrong just because you assumed. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and nobody wants to be sorry on their vacation.

We hope you are a little more prepared for your travels. All that’s left to do is find a suitable destination, and who knows what memories you’ll make and with whom.