15 things to do in Bolivia

Bolivia has always been a center of attraction for those who love traveling. It has a lot of things to offer to its visitors. Looking at the list of activities that one could actually do here and the list of places that could be visited; we could say that if you are coming here, you should have good spare time with you unless you would miss a lot of things. However, it is not possible for everyone to visit every place in one go. So, it is always better to plan things according to the time that you have in your hands. Here, we have listed 15 most popular activities that could be done, if you are visiting Bolivia for the first time.

1.Going around the Amazon Basin

For those who love wildlife and things related to it, Bolivia has a lot to offer. Coming to this place, you will find a lot of options to explore. Therefore, we have put this option on the top of all the 15 that we have listed here. If we talk about the existence of this particular basin, then it is stretched in the northern region of Bolivia. Taking about the wildlife species that are present here, then you could anything and everything. If you have gone to Bolivia, then you could go there with the help of any public transport.

2.Sitting at Laguna Colorada

If we talk about some of the good places in Bolivia, then Laguna Colorada must come in the list. The Laguna Colorada is known for its blood-red waters. There is one more feature of this place for which it is known and that is flamingo. Yes, you read that right. Come to this place in the month of April and you will get to see a lot of flamingos. It is said that the world’s largest population of rare James flamingo is found here and nowhere else.

3.Exploring Che Guevara

If you are a person who loves to roam around peacefully, then this is the place you should come to. Also, those who are history lovers and have followed the life of Che Guevara will definitely love this place. He was known for his revolutionist ideas but is also popular as a vivid traveler. This place is basically a village named La Higuera which has just 20 houses in it. This was the place where Che Guevara took his last breath and therefore it is very popular.

For a full life history of Guevara, read it straight from History itself.

4.Visiting Salar De Uyuni

If you are wanderlust, you must have heard of salt flats and even if you do not want to go through them, you want to visit them. If you are visiting Bolivia for the first time, you could actually visit a salt flat here. This particular place is located on an island and is the world’s largest salt flat. It is spread in 4,086 square miles and is the home to 50-70 percent of the world’s total lithium contain.

5.Cycling on the death road

The name of this road is death road because of some reasons. This ranks among one of the most dangerous roads in the world. This is a very popular tourist destination now and is open for cycling to those who are brave enough to do so.

6.Exploring the Witches market

This market is again located in La Paz and known for the unique products that are sold here. You need to visit this place as this is designed especially for the tourists only.

7.A walk around Lake Titicaca

This place is not just a prized possession for the city of La Paz, but for the whole Bolivia, as it is ranked as the world’s largest high altitude lake. The water of this lake is spread in 3,232 square miles. The views around this lake are scenic and worth appreciating. A walk around it in the evening will give you all the positive vibes.

8.Tracking on the Andes

You get a lot of options for trekking in Bolivia and Mount Andes is one of the best. If you are fit to do it and enjoy trekking, then you must give it a try.

9.Sunset view at Valle de la Luna

Who do not love sunsets? We often say that it is the only ending that we all love. Well, there are a lot of places in this world where one could witness the sunset and could feel the nature’s ultimate beauty. Valle De La Luna is one of them.

10.Staying at Isla Del Sol

Isla Del Sol is a beautiful island in Bolivia. This beauty of nature is something; one could not afford to miss. In order to know this place in its true essence, one needs to stay here for at least one day.

11.Visiting the train cemetery

In order to know the history of a place or a particular region, one needs to take a walk through the memory lane. Visit the train cemetery to know a part of Bolivia that does not exist at present, but was as beautiful as today.

12.Riding towards the Mi Teleferico

Cable cars are always fun, as they lead us to beautiful destinations. The Mi Teleferico is 4000 meters above the sea level and is again known for its mesmerizing beauty.

13.Santa Cruz visit

Each and every option that we have mentioned in this list is worth visiting. If you have come to Bolivia for the first time you could not afford to miss any one of them, but the City of Santa Cruz is something that will attract you time and again and you will feel the need of coming to this place every time you visit Bolivia. Now, if you are even slightly interested in knowing the local dialect and life of local people in Bolivia, then you need to come to this place. Along with that, this place is also popular for its cruise and nightlife. In a nutshell, its features make it a must visit place amongst every other place of this list.

14.Exploring the valley of the moon

Somewhere 6.2 miles away from the city of La Paz, there is a village called Mallasa. It is the place where this valley is situated. The valley is named as the valley of the moon by the popular astronaut Neil Armstrong. This is an amazing landscape and is known for its beauty that is all natural.

15.Museo del Tesoro

The literal meaning of this place is “treasure museum”, which actually defines the purpose that this place serves. It is actually a museum and is made in one of the oldest houses in the city and is home to a lot of metals and stones.
So, these are the 15 most popular activities that one could do, if visiting Bolivia for the first time. There are some places on this list, which could be visited again and again and one could not get bored. Do consider doing these things to make your trip memorable.