Top 4 Sexy Dildos which can Easily Pass on as Room Décor

Dildos are your intimate buddies that you would always prefer to hide in the deepest corner of your closet. You certainly don’t want your aunt to almost faint out at the sight of a large penis-shaped toy right on your sofa.  Then, you have to be extra cautious if you have kids at home. However, there are some dildos that are so intelligently designed that they can easily be passed on as some cool home décor stuff. In fact, their unusual design would allow you to flaunt them on your center table or Christmas tree! Sounds weird, right? Well, the post below offers a brief on some really sexy dildos that could be mistaken as décor items.

Red and white cane dildo

With the holiday season round the corner, you must be prepping up for the decorations of your big Christmas tree. And no Christmas tree is complete without a cute white and red cane. This is where this supercute dildo fits the bill perfectly. The red stripes speak of Christmas while its pristine glass body makes the ideal white backdrop. With such an unassuming design, this dildo is sure to be the talk of your party and no one would get an inkling about the actual function of the piece. You can merrily hang this on your Christmas tree. Otherwise, you can even place it upright on a nice glass bowl filled with red and white candies.

Blue cone

This blue beauty is truly one-of-a-kind. Unlike the regular dildos, it doesn’t embody the typical phallic shaped body which you have to keep hidden from every one at home. Rather, it shines with its elegant royal blue aura that takes the silhouette of an enlarged cone from a distance. In fact, the dildo may also be passed on as an egg holder to some extent. The bottomline is, the dildo does not resemble a regular eyebrow-raising dildo toy from any angle. Of course, its tapering end assures smooth insertion while its solid glass body assures amazing fullness inside. But these details are for those who know that actual purpose of the piece. Those who don’t know may easily assume it as a nice decorative colorful stand on your center table.

You can always use this lovely dildo as a fantastic home décor. As mentioned previously, one idea is to place it on your center table. Get a glass bowl filled with colorful marbles. Then, just plant the dildo on the bowl, in the midst of marbles. Otherwise, you can place it at a corner table and surround it with brightly colorful gel candles. It is sure to light up the room and add an extra edge to your in-house parties.

Motorhead rocket dildo

When your dildo is shaped as a rich black missile, you would love it flaunt your collection before everybody- rather than hide it inside your closet. The all-black body amps up the style quotient of the toy to the tee.  And, the rocket-like build renders a new welcome edge to the toy altogether. Who said dildos always have to come in embarrassing phallic shaped bodies? This amazingly cool dildo breaks all stereotypes one may have about the design of a dildo.

Apart from the suave black body, this dildo also commands attention with its golden skull printed right in the middle of the rocket.  This gothic design makes the dildo a perfect décor accessory for your Halloween parties. You can certainly place it with pride on your center table and soon it will be the talk of the party. After the party gets over and guests leave, you can certainly enjoy the missile the way it’s actually meant for with your partner. It’s tapered rocket head is strategically designed to launch a mindblowing surgical strike once inside.

Cactus dildo with dual arm

Thanks to its discreet design, anybody will take it as some cool faux cactus for your living room at one glance. Its green color adds more to the charm and it’s hard to find out the actual purpose of the toy in plain sight. And this is one dildo which you won’t be embarrassed to flaunt as a focal piece of your center table. Just get a little ceramic pot and fill it with white pebbles. Then, simply place the dildo right among them. And your faux indoor cactus is ready to rick your living space.

One of the best bits about the dildo is its dual-arm design. Unlike regular dildos that can only please you either vaginally or anally, this dildo can do both simultaneously. So, when you are in the mood of double penetration, count on this dildo to keep you full both ways.

So, you have quite a list of amazingly chic dildos here that you would love to own someday. It’s to note here, when it comes to fancy dildos, glass is the most popular option. It seems that the glass dildo industry has got some of the most creative heads out there. One of the most important benefits of glass is its excellent rigidity. It’s the hardness of the glass which enables experimentation with different patterns, cuts and styles on its surface.

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Final words

No matter which dildo you use, you have to use a generous rather of lube every time you wish to engage in a passionate dildo play. The use of lubricant is even more important when you are using a glass dildo given its supreme hardness. These toys look fancy no doubt but could be extremely painful if inserted without a slippery layer of lube. Use of lube is even more important if you are planning to use the toy anally. Our anal can’t lubricate itself and hence needs more lubrication during penetration than vagina.

Last but not the least, make sure to take good care of your dildo to avoid infections and threatening consequences. You must always clean and sanitize the toy before and after of every use.  Finally, don’t forget to use condoms while sharing a dildo with your partner.