15 things to know before booking your trip to Bolivia

Bolivia has always been a center of attraction for travelers, especially for history lovers. However, it is not easy to survive here, if you do not have the proper knowledge of the place and its atmosphere. Here are 15 important things to know before booking your trip to Bolivia.

1.Eyes on thieves

You might be surprised to know, but the reality is that theft is a common sight at Bolivia, mostly, when you are travelling from public transport. This is the first thing that you should keep in your mind while you are travelling to this place. You should obviously not resist yourself from doing all the fun, but always try to keep your essentials with you while travelling from one corner to another.

2.Over- hydration is a problem

You know already that Bolivia is a high altitude place and you need to travel a lot in order to go from one corner to another. Now, if you drink a lot of water, you will always feel like emptying yourself and buses do not stop that frequently. The buses show that they have toilets on board, but this is not correct every time.

3.Delayed journey schedules

This is the most important thing that should be there in your mind. This could be the most irritating thing, but you will have to accept it as it is the part of the culture of Bolivia. So, the main thing that should be there in your mind is that one needs to have a good time in his her hands if they want to come to Bolivia.

4.Radio taxis are the best

As we mentioned earlier also that Bolivia is all about travelling from one tourist destination to another and if you get the best way of conveyance, this whole travelling experience becomes memorable. Not every transportation mode in Bolivia is safe and good, but radio taxi is one such mode that could be trusted completely. These are the taxis that report directly to a central dispatcher. These taxis have a special kind of light on the top and thus could be recognized easily. It is advisable to bargain with them, as they might charge you extra if they understood that you are an outsider. Also, the charge of these taxis is lower than the taxis that run normally on the roads.

5.Language matters

As we have already mentioned in the previous point that if the taxi driver will know that you are an outsider, then he would probably charge you extra. You are not there just for one day and paying extra on a daily basis is not cool at all. So, there is a solution to this problem. In order to avoid this type of problems, you could actually learn some quick travel vocabulary. This could be easily done with the help of internet.

6.Packing in a proper way

The reason why we are putting stress on this packing thing is that Bolivia has a crazy weather. It might be cold at times and hot at the other moment. At the next moment only, it may start raining. So, it is better to keep all the necessary things with yourself and this is possible only when you do a proper packing. You could do a quick research about the essentials that a person requires there and should pack the things accordingly.

7.Cash be the best

Nothing in this world is possible without money and when you are out on some trip, your only focus should be on the way in which the money could be accessed. In Bolivia, it is good to keep the appropriate cash with you as the cards are accepted in good hotels only and not anywhere else.

8.Bargaining is a tough job

Every place in this world has a flea or street market and we do not miss the chance from shop from there as you get the best things at the best prices. Now, if you think that you could get things in Bolivia at cheap rates after bargaining, then you are thinking in a wrong way. Bargaining is a tough job here, especially for those who are outsiders.

9.Confused weather

This point is already discussed in the section above. There are really some serious issues with the weather in Bolivia. You could never be sure about what is going to happen the next moment. If the changing weather makes you sick, you could read about it on detail and then could do your preparations accordingly.

10.Food is not hygienic all the time

We are not saying that the taste of the food that you would get here would not be good, but no one could ever guarantee you on the hygiene part of it. If you could avoid, then avoid these types of food else take other measures, in order to avoid its after affects.

11.A country of bureaucrats

Here in Bolivia, Bureaucracy is dominant all over. Right from your entry to this place, you will need to sign a lot of papers. Do not get irritated and complete them properly as each one of us go through the same procedure.

12.Visa may be a necessity

Yes, Bolivia is a country where you might need your visa. We all know that what it takes to get a visa signed. Now, if you have plans to come here, be prepared few months before.

13.Access to money is not easy

As we mentioned earlier also, cards are not acceptable at every shop or store. You need to keep the cash with yourself. If not, then you might face problems.

14.Knowledge of the public transport

From few of the points that are mentioned above, it is clear that travelling is not so smooth here. However, if you have the proper knowledge of the public transportation, this problem would not come to you.

15.Medicines are a must

The weather, the delayed journeys, food, environment and other things could make you sick. Therefore, it is always advisory to keep the basic medicines with you.

So, these were the 15 things that are necessary to be known to every tourist visiting the place. These are the basic things and you could not afford to miss any of them.