How Anal Plugs Became Popular in Bolivia?

A butt plug or anal plug is a kind of sex toy which has been specifically designed to be inserted into the rectum for sexual pleasure. In some ways, this is indeed similar to a dildo but it’s much shorter. It also has a flanged end which prevents the toy from being lost or stuck inside the rectum. Bolivia is a country which is known for its legal prostitution and as such it’s not really a surprise that the use of sex toys is prominent there. Anal plugs are unique in that they are kinky but are pleasurable as well. So let’s know more about them:

What do anal plugs feel like?

Anal plugs have been compared to oysters as in it can be pleasurable for one person but another person might not get any enjoyment from it. Butt plugs can be used by anyone with a butt, which means that you can be of any gender to use it. In that sense, it is the ultimate equalizer.

How do butt plugs work?

  • A butt plug can stimulate pleasurable sensations on the zone which is sometimes referred to as the P-spot.
  • If you don’t have a prostate, then it will work to make pleasurable sensations by stimulating the nerves present in the anus.
  • Butt plugs can also stimulate the g-spot and the internal part of the clitoris, which makes women wear one during vaginal penetration sex.

Tips on using buttplugs

Whether it is Bolivia or your bedroom, here are some things which you should keep in mind while using one:

  • Butt plugs are found in all sizes but you should start small: Like vibrators, you will find anal plugs in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. If you are new to the game then you would certainly want to start off with a small and slim model. This will help you see how it feels like for you. It will also help in making your butt accustomed to the feeling of having an object in it. Along with this, this will also help your anal muscles in relaxing and stretching with repeated use of the plug. Practise is key. So if you are new to this then small, slow and steady is the way to go.
  • It won’t get stuck or lost inside of you: I am sure you must have heard stories of people going to the ER with a butt plug sticking out of their ass but it’s unlikely to happen now ever again. This is because all anal buttplugs come with a flared up base. This keeps the anal plug outside your body. This should eliminate all concerns you have since an anal plug with a flared base will never get in or stuck in your ass hole. Also, when you are buying one, buy one made up of body shape, materials like glass, metal or silicone. You should avoid materials like TPE and rubber since it will degrade over time.
  • Always use lube: There is no self-lubricating option at the rectum, which means that you should definitely use a personal lubricant when you or your partner is putting in the butt plug. In case of a lubricant, use a silicone based one rather than water-based one since the former lasts longer. But remember that you shouldn’t use silicone lube with a silicone anal plug because over time it will cause the toy to break down.

If you are wondering how to apply it then first coat your anal plug before putting some in your or your partner’s anus. Begin by pressing the plug gently and then relax your muscles there. After that pull the plug back and relubricate it. Do this till the plug is absolutely in.

  • It shouldn’t be painful: The anus is one of the most erogenous responsive zones in the body as the anal cavity has a lot of sensitive nerve endings. As such, a lot of pleasure can be had there, but it can also bring pain. If at any point the anal plug causes you or your partner discomfort, then immediately quit whatever you are doing so that the pain subsides. Pain is an indication that something isn’t right. This could be because the speed, angle or depth isn’t right for you or your partner’s body right then. You should probably add more lube or downgrade to a smaller toy. You can also stop using the butt plug if using it brings continuous discomfort to you or your partner. Read this Independent article talking about erogenous zones.
  • Wash your hands: Make sure that you always wash your hands before and after inserting the anal plug. This is to prevent any type of cross contamination or to prevent the spreading of bacteria from your anus to the vagina. Know that it is really serious business otherwise, it can cause infection and then you will definitely have to go the doctors. Instead of shamefully explaining that you use a butt plug and why this infection could have happened, it’s better to keep yourself clean and stay safe. If you are using this with a partner then make sure that he or she knows this too.
  • Wash your anal plug: There is a care routine which you should follow when it comes to using your anal plug. Make sure that you wash your anal toy with soap and hot water after using it. Do it immediately after using it and don’t procrastinate. After that let it air dry. Also keep in mind that you should never share your anal toys because there is a risk of viruses, bacteria, and infections being transmitted too. See more tips in cleaning anal toys from this Self article.

Types of anal plugs

If you are beginning to experiment and discover anal pleasure then here are the butt plugs which you should use:

  • Silicone Starter Plug: For beginners, starting off with the smallest anal you made with the most flexible material is advisable. Also, make sure that the toy has a tapered tip so that insertion is easy there. Silicone materials make it flexible, hygienic and hypoallergenic as well since they can be cleaned in a lot of ways.
  • MPS Anal Trainer Kit: There are some anal sets which are designed for beginners and they contain toys which differ in sizes. Along with that, these all have a safety base, a silicone hygienic construction, and tapered tip. Silicone is also useful because it warms up easily to your body’s temperature. Thus, making it very comfortable to use.
  • Silicone Anal Trainer: You have read before that a triangular base at the end of the plug makes it much easier to wear between the cheeks. Anal trainers made from medical grade silicone come in a lot of different sizes and the safety base too doubles up like a suction cup.
  • Vibrating Anal Plugs: Vibrations near a man’s rectum will surely cause him to tense up the exact opposite reaction happens for women. When vibrations are caused by an anal plug, most women relax their anal region. Always get anal plugs in various sizes and ensure that the ones you are buying have a built-in vibrator which can be remote controlled. If you are a beginner then ensure that the plugs you are getting are flexible, tapered and silicone.
  • Anal Plug And Beads Set: Anal beads can be the perfect stepping stone if you are not yet ready to use plugs. Get a set with both beginner plugs and along with a set of gradual beads. Beginners can start off by inserting just one bead one time and work up accordingly to their comfort zone.
  • Dillio Anal Teaser: If you are ready to graduate from your beginner position then the anal teaser is perfect for it. The anal teaser comes with a base like a suction cup along with a curved and smooth shape which helps in stimulating the prostate gland. Women don’t have a prostate but it helps in stimulating their skene gland which in turn gives them pleasure.
  • Glass buttplugs: If you are an advanced user then glass toys can make for great toys as well since they can be used with both water based and water based lubricants. Also, some people like the rigid feel of the glass along with its smooth texture. But make sure that the glass which the anal plug is being made of, is of high quality and is nonporous as well since then it will be easier for cleaning. Make sure that the glass is both freezer and microwave safe if you want to play with temperature as well.

Bolivia is a famous vacation destination where people come for unique drinks and sex. People have been using anal plugs there for a long time in Bolivia. Seeing the pleasure that it gives as well as the variety anal plugs are found in, makes it no surprise at all. From beads which can be used by beginners to glass anal plugs which are used by advanced level plug users, the variety makes it more fun to play with and get into. So mix in with the locals and give anal plugs a shot.