The best restaurants in Bolivia

When it comes to traveling, there are a lot of things that come in the list and food is on the top of all. Here we are providing you a list of restaurants that could be considered if you are traveling to Bolivia for the first time and do not have any idea about the places that serve good food.

EL Fogon Del Gringo

Before we discuss much the restaurant, we really need to discuss the city in which it is located. This restaurant is actually in Tarija, which is very close to Argentina and this means that the city is a hub of the Asado, which is a kind of BBQ meat. So, Asado is the most popular cuisine of Tarija and could be found at various places, but what you get at EL Fogon Del Gringo could not be found anywhere else. Not just for the awesome meat that is served here, this place is also popular for the salad bar that it has. You better should check the quantity of the steak before ordering, as could be even 400g also. A bottle of local wine will probably help in washing it off. Basically, if you are a meat lover and have ever fantasized about having Argentine meat, then this is the place you should come to.

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Minuteman Revolutionary Pizza

The dish for which this place is popular is known for its name only. This restaurant is located in Uyuni and believe it or not, but not everyone wants to stay at Uyuni for too long and want to return back as soon as possible. However, we have seen a lot of people staying there just for having the exotic pizzas at this place. Minuteman revolutionary pizza is located inside the Tonito hotel and is run by a couple. There are a lot of exotic toppings to be served to the customers coming here. One of the most popular toppings off all the time is spicy Ilama and pesto Adorno and could be ordered in a gluten-free flavor. Also, the pizzas that are served here are so out of the box and amazing in taste that this place has become the hub of the best pizza not just in Bolivia, but in the whole South America. So, if you are in Uyuni, even for one day, you need to come to this place.


This is one of the most popular restaurants in the city of La Paz. There are a lot of reasons for the popularity of this place and all of them are good. The first thing that we need to mention here is the word Gustu and it means flavor. The meaning of the name of the restaurant itself says a lot. It is not just the taste of the dishes that have made this place popular, but there are other noble causes associated with its popularity. The restaurant is not much old and was opened in the year 2012. From the time the restaurant was established, it started getting all the required attention. A lot of newspapers and magazines mentioned it in their stories and appreciated the tremendous work that was done by the owners of the restaurant. This restaurant has some unique features that could not be found at any other place. The biggest highlight of this place is that it contains to give the customers the liberty to eat the local food of Bolivia. Along with that, this place has a specialty apart from food. The staffs and the chefs that are working there are brought from the countryside poor families. They are trained well and are made capable of doing every sort of work. The lead chef, Kamilia Seidler was awarded the best female chef of Latin America and this too has increased the popularity of the restaurant. The food that you get here is expensive in comparison to other places, but what you get here could not be found anywhere else. If you are coming to Bolivia, visiting this place for at least one meal is a compulsion.

Carla’s garden pub

A restaurant’s specialty definitely lies in the taste of the food that it serves, but there are other factors too involved in it. One of those factors is the ambiance that it has. If you are one of those for whom ambiance matters a lot, then this is the place you should come to. Along with the taste of the food and the amazing customer service, this restaurant has a lot of other features that help it in maintaining its class. This is the place that is always crowded with the tourists and is counted in the top bars and restaurants of the town. The menu of this restaurant actually offers you the European and Bolivian dishes. Along with that, you could take advantage of good machine made coffee. The best time to come to this place is evening as you could find the entire crowd, thus the best time to know and observe different cultures.

La Taverna

If you are traveling to Bolivia with your partner and want a really sophisticated place to dine in, this is the place you should come to. The restaurant is situated at Sucre and is focused mainly on French cuisines. When you will take up the menu, you won’t be able to choose a particular dish easily, but the most popular dish of all is the steak. Steaks are made with great perfection here and served with all the love. As we mentioned earlier only that the food here is served is mainly from the French menu, so there is a full list of wines in the menu and you could choose any one of them to make your meal more exotic.

So, these were a few of the top-notch restaurants that could be visited in Bolivia. All the restaurants that are mentioned here serve the best food not just in Bolivian, but amongst many other parts of the world.