The street food of Bolivia

If you are visiting to someplace for the first place, there would be a lot of things that you need to try and street food of the place is one of those. At the first place, not every place in this world has that much street food and if some places offer you this, it is definitely a great place. If we talk about Bolivia, then we could actually call it a country with a lot of street food options and when we say a lot, we mean that the number could not be counted on fingers. All the street foods that this place has to offer to its customers and visitors have some special flavors in it. Also, it gives you the chance to get close to the Bolivian culture.

In the section below, we have tried to present you a list of a few of the street foods of Bolivia, along with the best place to find them. The exact city of their existence too is given. So, make sure to read the section below thoroughly and figure out your favorite dish out of all.


This is one such street food that could not be ignored by you if you are a meat lover. The first thing that we would like to mention about this particular dish is that it is full of taste and no other dish of this category could compete with it in it. If we talk about the ingredients that are used in the making of this exotic dish, then it is majorly about the cow’s heart. Nothing fancy, but the cow’s heart is grilled to make delicious kebab out of it and is well complimented with the potatoes and peanut sauce. There is a lot of people who love meat but do not want to try specific organs. If you too are one of them, then you should definitely give this street food a try.

The best part about the dish is that it is very cheap and a dish that has been the favorite of all for years. You just need to find a good place that serves this dish and there you could see the crowd waiting for it to be served.

Sandwich de chole

Another street food or local cuisine, we could say is this amazing Sandwich De Chole. There is a reason for which this name has been given to the dish. It is served by a cholita and that is the reason that we call it Sandwich De chole. The main ingredient of this particular dish is pork and texture of it is so that you get a pack that consists of roasted pork, seasoned with carrots, onions, fresh tomatoes, garlic, herbs, and other species. There are a lot of places where you could find it. Although all these places serve this dish in the nicest way possible, one of the best options is the Parque De Las at La Paz. You could get the best of this dish here, served with the local beer. Sandwich De Chole is one of the oldest, yet best local or street foods of Bolivia and one really could not afford to miss trying it.


The category of this particular dish suggests that it should be put at the beginning of this list. Saltenas, although, could be eaten at any point of the day, but is mainly seen as a good breakfast option. The taste and the ingredients of this dish tell us that eating it, is a good way to start your day with. The main ingredient of this dish is again meat which is actually stuffed with peas, carrot, potatoes and other sweet sauces. All of them are stuffed together and are cooked inside an oven. The final result that we get after the bakery is a pastry kind of dish. There is a unique method of eating it if you do not want to mess the ingredients up. You just need to take the bite from one side and the trick is that all the juice that comes out of it should be swallowed in one go. There are a lot of places that serve this dish and that too with good taste, but the best place that one must go are the Pacena La Saltena. This place serves the best version of this dish.


One could get the hint of the ingredients of this particular dish from the name itself if they are even slightly interested in the continental food. This is actually a dish that is a mix of Chorizo which means sausage and it is filled in a pan which is bread. The dish might look like filling but is a light snack. If you talk about the time in which it is served, then there is no specific time and it is served all day long and even at the night time. Lettuce, onion, and tomato are always the three main things that are served with the dish and compliment it in the best way. Ilwaja is a sauce that is spicy in taste and made by using tomatoes. If this tomato sauce is added to this dish, its taste enhances and become better. One could go to the Mercado Lanza and could find a stall of their choice that consists of this dish. You could trust any of the stall owners as of the Mercado Lanza, as all of them are trained in making this particular dish.

So, these were all the important street food that you could get, if you travel to Bolivia. The food items are the options that are a must eat after reaching Bolivia. The reason for which these food items are popular is not just their taste, but the way in which they are made and the past that they have. Also, having these food items means getting the chance of looking at the culture of a particular place closely. So, one should not miss these food items from that aspect too.

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