Is prostitution legal in Bolivia?

In Bolivia, the entire thing of prostitution is regulated and legal so you will see that there are several brothels that are licensed and all the prostitutes are registered. All the prostitutes are asked to register themselves and go for regular health checkups in order to see whether they are suffering from any STD or sexually transmitted diseases. This process is repeated in every alternate 20 days. So the police can easily check whether the prostitutes that are working in the brothel are having proper registration or not and see whether they have visited the clinic in the last 20 days.

Social views:

Prostitution is not a new thing in Bolivia and it is seen that the society wills severely stigmatized the prostitutes. Prostitutes face a lot of blame because of the rise of HIV infection and other problems. In the year 2007 in El Alto, the angry locals started beating and stripping down the prostitutes and there were several brothels that were burnt to ashes. It was also demanded by the citizens that all the bars and brothels must be situated away from the schools and it must maintain 3200 feet. No actions were taken against the people who have attacked all the prostitutes or brothel. Even if this concept is frowned upon still it is very popular and is existing legally. Because of economic desperation, a lot of women have forced themselves into the world of prostitution.

Child prostitution:

If a child wants to get into prostitution in Bolivia then she must be above 16 years old. The prosecution of the child is one of the major problems in urban areas and in the Chapare region. Children who belong to the lower social classes are the main victims who are forced to enter the world of prostitution. Among the children only 12.6% of them are literate and that is why there is a very low chance that the opportunities that can come to them. This is one of the reasons which makes them stay back in the trade of prostitution throughout adulthood even if they want to exit. One can see that the child prostitutes are working on the streets, bars, clubs, and brothels.

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Child prostitution is of various types depending on the age and the economic power of a client. If a client is an upper class then they will type to opt for prostitutes whose age is between 16-17. Most of the prosecution that is present here will be organized by any closed network and which is why it has fairy less amount of control. In many cases, the entire deal is discussed at the house of the client. In many places, hidden prostitution is also famous where small children are pushed into this line. All the girls and women are involved in street prostitution whose age is from 12 to 15 years old. In hidden prostitution, you can see the children who are having an age of 8 years old are included.

Because of the poor law enforcement, the problem that is related to prostitution is increasing day by. Nowadays a lot of effort has been put into this area in order to stop women or girls from entering this trade because of trafficking or other social problems. In the year 2008, several brothers were raided by the police and near about 215 children were rescued who were working at the brothel at that time. Several campaigns have collaborated in order to help the children who got themselves trapped into the prostitution in Bolivia. Bolivia department or the City government of Bolivia have already operated the shelter where all the exploited and abused children can stay without any hassle.

Sex trafficking:

In Bolivia because of the social and economic problem an atmosphere is created that is favoring the growth of human trafficking. It is seen that young Bolivian girls and women are the targets of trafficking and they are sent to urban and rural areas for the sexual exploitation commercially.

Women who are from the Altiplano region are at a high risk of getting into prostitution after being trafficked. This is a place that is facing extreme poverty and which is why there are several citizens who have become the economic migrants and some of them other trafficked victims. Women are forced into the field of prostitution outside and inside of Bolivia.

Even though prostitution is legal in Bolivia it still requires a lot of important factors to keep in mind. Not everyone is forced into this line because there are many people who willingly enter this trade. People who are willingly entering the trade will have to go through the regular checkup and also register themselves as an authentic prostitute. Because of a lack of social and economic development of this place the growth of prostitution has rapidly increased. People are turning towards prostitution in order to help their family and feed them.

A lot of police raiding is carried on in order to find out if any sort of illegal activities are carried out in the brothel, especially making the child enter into prostitution. It is true that it is completely legal but there are certain rules that need to get followed. When you are in Bolivia you will know a lot about this trade and how it is getting so much popularity even if it is not encouraged so much.

The main aim of the people is not to remove prostitution but to remove the problem that is leading to prostitution. It is the place that is economically not so developed and there is a very low chance of increased prostitution as there will be employment for every person who is entering the field out of helplessness. If any child is suffering from the trauma of the prosecution trade then they can go to the charity house and begin a new life there. It is a place where not only the locals get included in prostitution but women from several corners of the world are also carried here.