What is the average monthly cost of living in Bolivia?

If you are in South America then you would definitely know that one of the most improvised places here in Bolivia. Compared to the previous years one can say that the price of living in Bolivia nowadays has raised a bit, but it is also affordable at the same time. When there is a comparison between the peers of South American then one can say that Bolivia is way behind them. It does lack in terms of infrastructure, training, education, business sophistication, and financial market. But recently it was seen that there was a growth of 5.7% in the financial status and which is why inflation or hike has been encountered in the Bolivian market.

Bolivia Is an affordable place and it offers a unique culture, breathtaking scenery and activities for adrenaline pumping and you can enjoy each of them without breaking your entire savings. So if you’re thinking of living in Bolivia then you won’t need to spend more than 45 US dollars a day. You can definitely cut down this cost by compromising the quality.

Housing and utilities: If you compare with the prices of other places in South America then you can see that if you are living in Bolivia then renting a place is very affordable. The apartments will be available with the rent of 500 Bs every month. You can also get houses by paying double the price. If you are in La Paz then you can easily get 2 bedroom flats by paying 1500 Bs. By spending more money you can definitely get the houses that are of premium quality and will also come with the swimming pool.

If you can compare Bolivia with other major cities then you can see that this place is affordable when it comes to paying electricity, water, gas, and residential taxes. It will not take more than 250 BS in order to pay for all these expenses. If you want to cut down your expenses a little more then you will have to compromise the accommodation size and use air conditioning properly.

Food and Drink: If you want to have some delicious food at a very affordable price then you can visit La Paz. Here in this place, you will get meals that come with a variety of prices and the quality is also standard. If you are buying yourself a burger or going in a cafe then you will get food at just 15 Bs. When you are having foods like chicken curry then you will have to pay about 30 Bs because certain prices will always be substantial.

If you have visited all the other places in Latin America then you can understand that the food of Bolivia is very different. Sometimes the food is very bland but you can definitely spice it up by using some llajwa or hot sauce that you will be provided to you. The local foods of Bolivia are worth mentioning. You can have fried pork that will be having some boiled corn in it at the restaurants and is very affordable.

When you are in Bolivia, then make sure you are tasting the street food because they are extremely delicious and at the same time it is significantly cheaper. So one can have a stomach satisfying meal at a very reasonable rate if they are in Bolivia but you will have to know from where you can get such food.

Going out or Entertainment: When you are spending for the entertainment purpose in Bolivia then the cost will definitely depend on the type of outing that you are enjoying. If you want to spend a night without a lot of glamour like going to the cinemas then it will cost near about 15 Bs to 45 Bs. The price of the movie tickets will vary depending on the time of the day. You will get several movie theatres where you can enjoy films that comes with English subtitles or is in English.

This is a place where Bolivian football is very popular. So one can visit La Paz for going to several club sites. If you want to enjoy the league game then you can definitely go to the Annual Copa Simon Bolivar.

Transportation cost: If you are in Bolivia then you won’t have to spend a lot of your money on traveling because the transportation cost is extremely cheap. Since it is a great tourist destination so transportation is reliable and safe. If you are traveling by taxi then it won’t cost you more than 0.60 dollars and for cheaper prices, you can opt for the local buses as well that will cost you 0.30 dollars.

Communication prices: Bolivia is a place that is Wi-Fi friendly, so you can get a Wi-Fi connection for free in several hostels and cafes. It may not provide you with the fastest speed but it will definitely help you to get your work done. You can visit any internet cafe and they will cost you $1 every hour for using the internet. You can also get a SIM card for 1.50 dollars. If you are printing anything from the computer then it will take 0.15 dollars for every copy and for black and white photocopy it will cost you 0.05 dollars for every copy.

If you are thinking of living in Bolivia then make sure to check out every little expense that you might have to make in order to live a comfortable life there. This place is pretty affordable so it won’t be a hectic job for you to get a decent place to live or a decent place to eat here. You can see that several backpackers dream of visiting this place because this place is going to provide value for money. As it is a developing country so there are many locals who are struggling to earn $300 every month and which is why it is an affordable place.