Valentine’s Day in Bolivia

You might be thinking that Valentine’s Day has passed. But, there are those who wouldn’t mind having a couple of these holidays during the year. And do we have great news for them! The Day of Love in Bolivia is not in February, which means that you still have time to plan a trip to this incredible South American country. 

Día del Amor

When we talk about Valentine’s Day, everyone thinks of February 14th. But in Bolivia, things are a bit different. The original Valentine’s Day is, in fact, called El Día del Amor y Amistad. It translates to the Day of Love and Friendship. And it is rather popular in Latin American countries!

While Valentine’s Day increased in popularity thanks to American families migrating, Día del Amor is still the original day to celebrate love. Interestingly, the day this holiday is celebrated is September 21st. 

What makes things even more exciting is that this is not the only event celebrated on this day. It is also the beginning of spring, the Student’s Day, and Doctor’s Day. It seems that there are not enough days in a year to celebrate everything, and September 21st offers four different holidays. 

While it is possible to encounter people celebrating love on Valentine’s Day, the majority of people will enjoy celebrating love on Día del Amor. Other Latin American countries don’t celebrate the holiday on this day, and it is either on February 14th or some other day. 

Gift Giving on Día del Amor

As you can imagine, celebrating love is the same everywhere in the world. It doesn’t take a lot to show love, and it doesn’t matter if you are in Latin America, Australia, or Africa. Love is universal. What makes Bolivia different is the way they exchange gifts and show love and appreciation for their significant others and friends. 

We all know that red is the color of love, and it is no different in Bolivia. Since there are four holidays in September, cities are filled with people enjoying the first day of spring. The celebration of love is similar to other countries. The primary focus is romance, which is filled with affection. 

There are numerous parties, cruises, romantic dinners, festivities, and many others. Naturally, people will exchange gifts with their loved ones. Traditionally, people in Bolivia will exchange candies, cookies, and flowers. Naturally, you can find all kinds of gifts in the country, and there are numerous ways to show your love and appreciation. While you can always stick to the tradition, there is no reason to avoid experimenting. You know the best what your significant other will like, and you can always go for the gift you know they will enjoy.

What to Get Someone for Día del Amor

If you are still wondering what a perfect gift to celebrate the Day of Love is, we have a couple of Valentine’s gift ideas you might find useful. For those visiting Bolivia during their holiday, the options are nearly limitless. You can take your partner (or a family member) to dinner and enjoy the unique food this country has to offer. Furthermore, you can always take a trip and see landscapes and gorgeous nature that make Bolivia special and different. 

Of course, you can always get a nice souvenir like ponchos, capes, key chains, or anything else that will forever remind you of an incredible time you had. 

Moreover, you can always go for a smaller gift like bracelets or a unique piece of jewelry. Or, you can buy them flowers. It’s up to you. Bolivia is filled with amazing things you need to see. Even if you run out of ideas, there will be something that will catch your eye.  

How Bolivia Would Celebrate Día del Amor This Year

One of the questions on everyone’s mind is how will the Day of Love look this year. And the answer is uncertain. Like many other countries across the world, Bolivia was also hit by the global pandemic. When you combine it with all the problems and issues that happened last year, it remains to be seen how it will affect the holidays in September. 

A lot of people lost their jobs, there were problems with elections, and many people died from Covid 19. Of course, things might change for the better in the upcoming months. That’s what everyone is hoping for. 

We will need to wait and see how the vaccine will improve the situation. Hopefully, things will start to look more like normality. Unfortunately, we can only speculate what will happen in September. If things continue to improve, we might get a chance to enjoy another Día del Amor in Bolivia. Hopefully, things will become a lot better, and everyone will be able to enjoy this incredible festival dedicated to love and friendship.