Reasons to Visit South America

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If you are wondering whether you should visit South America, the answer is yes. There are so many different countries, cultures, and locations you can travel to. It will be a vacation you’ll never forget.

Experience the Amazing Wildlife

One of the primary attractions of South America is its wildlife and unspoiled nature. There are numerous locations you should visit, and it will be something you’ll never forget. One of the locations you can visit, for example, is Salar de Uyuni, which is the largest salt flat in the world. There are many tours that will allow you to experience it fully and see the beauties surrounding Bolivia. Furthermore, while we’re on the subject of Bolivia, you can also visit Lake Titicaca, which is located on Bolivia’s border with Peru.

It is the world’s highest navigable lake, and it is truly wonderful. However, Bolivia is not the only country for …


La Paz: The Highest Capital City in the World

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If you plan on traveling any time soon, Bolivia is a great location, and you can find numerous places of interest in La Paz. 

There is a reason why tourism and interest in this South American city are rapidly growing. Here, we will go through everything you need to know about La Paz.

The city is a great place to visit if you plan on traveling through South America. You can easily visit Lake Titicaca or Peru during the same time frame. So, brace yourselves, and see what this incredible Bolivian city has to offer. 

Fast Facts About La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz is the (de facto) capital of Bolivia, alongside Sucre. The former acts as executive and legislative capital, while the latter is the judicial and constitutional capital. It is the home of all government buildings and financial centers. But, it is not the official capital of the country. 


A Guide to Bolivia’s Tradition and Holidays

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Bolivia is home to some of the most unusual and exciting festivals on the planet. Check out our guide to Bolivia’s tradition and holidays to learn more! 

Fun-Filled Festivals in Bolivia

Bolivia is a breathtaking country in South America, and it is full of unique sites and tourist attractions. The country is mainly famous for its rich Incan and pre-Incan history. It’s a travelers’ favorite due to some stunning mountain ranges (Andes), cute guanaco llamas, colorful traditional clothing, the highest salt flats on the planet, and much more. Plus, the country is also a record-breaker in various other categories. It holds the number one spot for the highest city on the planet at over 11,000 feet (La Paz).

And because of its unique inhabitants and partygoers, Bolivia is home to a multitude of parades (Entradas) and lots of unique and wild festivals. Bolivian festivals attract thousands of travelers each year,


A Tribute to the Inspiring Women of Bolivia

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Who are some of the most famous and powerful women from Bolivia? Check out our tribute to the inspiring women of Bolivia and find inspiration! 

Gender Inequality in Bolivia as of This Day

Unfortunately, regarding gender equality, Bolivia is still falling behind compared to other countries. Even if the Constitution gives women equal rights, they still face daily struggles and discrimination.

For example, Bolivian men are more likely to get a better education, and they usually get higher-paid jobs as well as better health care. Also, Bolivia is home to the highest rates of domestic violence. Moreover, women face constant sexism and machismo along with lots of gender-based stereotyping.  

But, some Bolivian women have truly stood out in the world. They have challenged the Bolivian people and the world to reconsider the unfair treatment of women. The women on our list have accomplished incredible feats, and they can encourage


What Is It Like Dating a Bolivian Woman?

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Are you interested in traveling to Bolivia and meeting some gorgeous girls? What is it like to date a Bolivian woman? Women from this country are simply breathtaking, but there are some important things that you’ll need to know before you travel. Keep reading to learn all about girls in Bolivia!

Bolivian Women

Across the country, women in Bolivia are incredibly unique. They share some traits with women from other South American countries. However, ladies in Bolivia are quite special because they have an indigenous and modern background. Most girls are built like gorgeous Latinas with fit bodies, large breasts, and juicy butts. They also have gorgeous facial features and beautiful curves.

Bolivian ladies have a natural beauty that is desired by men across the world. They are a bit different from Latin American or Latina girls. Overall, the average woman in Bolivia is petite and indigenous-looking. This is a …


Bolivian Sex Workers in Times of the Pandemic

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Life in the age of COVID-19 is undoubtedly not easy for many people worldwide. However, in countries where prostitution is legal, like Bolivia, sex workers are struggling to work and protect themselves.

Recent events that are happening with Bolivian sex workers in times of the pandemic offer unique insights. Some Bolivian workers are even trying to implement the use of “biosecurity suits” to cover their entire bodies. These new measures would allow them to work despite the restrictions. They would also get them off the streets. That way, they will keep working in an environment that they consider safe.

Take a look below to learn more about the life of sex workers in Bolivia during the pandemic.

How Does the Pandemic Affect the Economy?

Firstly, it’s worth taking a look at the global impact of this pandemic. The crisis has affected both major and minor industries. Many businesses are fearing …


How can the use of butt plugs add a spark in your relationship

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Sex toys can be quite fun, and implementing them into your relationship can add something new, thrilling, and unique. There are so many sex toys for couples that can significantly improve communication, intimacy, and sexual activity of the couple. 

Sex Toys Can Make or Break Relationships

There is no doubt that sex toys can have an impact on a relationship. But whether it is a positive or negative one mostly depends on the couple. For some, adding toys can also add a special spark to the relationship and make everything more thrilling. On the other hand, for other couples, this might be a deal-breaker. 

Many couples opt for using toys to keep the spark alive, and it can do wonders. Using toys is not as taboo as it used to be, and the market is filled with different types designed for couples. 

The best way to go around this potential


The Great Salt Flats of Bolivia: Salar de Uyuni

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We know you’ve heard of this place, or at least saw a picture on your favorite influencer’s IG feed. Whatever the case may be, we give you a guide along with tips for Salar de Uyuni. Trust us that this place is quite unreal!

What Is Salar de Uyuni?

Salar de Uyuni – or salt flats of Uyuni – is exactly what you’d imagine it to be. It’s a salt plain stretching on for miles. It’s so vast that it looks like it’s stretching into eternity. So, why would anyone want to go and see some salt? Good question!

This is a place where “Heaven meets the Earth,” as people describe it. In the rainy season, a thin sheet of water covers the plain, making the sky reflect so well that it plays tricks on your mind. One quick look at any photo of this phenomenon will tell you precisely


Top Dildos That Must Be Included In Your Collection

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 Today, there are so many different options if you are looking for sex toys. However, even if you stick to dildos, there are so many models that are simply a must-have. Here, we will go through the best dildos you undoubtedly need in your life. 

Realistic Dildo

One of the first and probably the best options is a realistic dildo. These are great for both beginners and experienced users, and they are perfect for any type of penetrative sex. The design of these adult toys is simple, and they look like a real penis. 

There is no doubt that this model is the most popular adult toy in the world. The main reason for that is the authentic feel that users can enjoy. Naturally, these dildos come in all sizes, and you can certainly find the one that’s perfect for you. 

When it comes to materials, the most popular are


15 things to do in Bolivia

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Bolivia has always been a center of attraction for those who love traveling. It has a lot of things to offer to its visitors. Looking at the list of activities that one could actually do here and the list of places that could be visited; we could say that if you are coming here, you should have good spare time with you unless you would miss a lot of things. However, it is not possible for everyone to visit every place in one go. So, it is always better to plan things according to the time that you have in your hands. Here, we have listed 15 most popular activities that could be done, if you are visiting Bolivia for the first time.

1.Going around the Amazon Basin

For those who love wildlife and things related to it, Bolivia has a lot to offer. Coming to this place, you will …