Is prostitution legal in Bolivia?

In Bolivia, the entire thing of prostitution is regulated and legal so you will see that there are several brothels that are licensed and all the prostitutes are registered. All the prostitutes are asked to register themselves and go for regular health checkups in order to see whether they are suffering from any STD or sexually transmitted diseases. This process is repeated in every alternate 20 days. So the police can easily check whether the prostitutes that are working in the brothel are having proper registration or not and see whether they have visited the clinic in the last 20 days.

Social views:

Prostitution is not a new thing in Bolivia and it is seen that the society wills severely stigmatized the prostitutes. Prostitutes face a lot of blame because of the rise of HIV infection and other problems. In the year 2007 in El Alto, the angry locals started …

What is the average monthly cost of living in Bolivia?

If you are in South America then you would definitely know that one of the most improvised places here in Bolivia. Compared to the previous years one can say that the price of living in Bolivia nowadays has raised a bit, but it is also affordable at the same time. When there is a comparison between the peers of South American then one can say that Bolivia is way behind them. It does lack in terms of infrastructure, training, education, business sophistication, and financial market. But recently it was seen that there was a growth of 5.7% in the financial status and which is why inflation or hike has been encountered in the Bolivian market.

Bolivia Is an affordable place and it offers a unique culture, breathtaking scenery and activities for adrenaline pumping and you can enjoy each of them without breaking your entire savings. So if you’re thinking of …

A brief history of Bolivia

Bolivia is one nation which has been through a lot of struggles. Be it the struggle for freedom from colonial Spanish rule or be it the struggle it is facing nowadays to reach economic and financial stability. Bolivia may be South America’s poorest nation, but in the last decade, the condition here has improved significantly. It might not be a very affluent and rich country, unlike many others, but this country boasts of a beautiful cultural heritage which has mesmerized tourists for long.

On one hand, the neighboring countries of Bolivia are overcrowded by tourists while on the other hand the beautiful travel destinations of this country still lie hidden from the eyes of many and hence, this beautiful nation is still not overstuffed with tourists and that make it an enticing tourist destination for many. Once believed to be one of the most prosperous lands in the New World, …

The street food of Bolivia

If you are visiting to someplace for the first place, there would be a lot of things that you need to try and street food of the place is one of those. At the first place, not every place in this world has that much street food and if some places offer you this, it is definitely a great place. If we talk about Bolivia, then we could actually call it a country with a lot of street food options and when we say a lot, we mean that the number could not be counted on fingers. All the street foods that this place has to offer to its customers and visitors have some special flavors in it. Also, it gives you the chance to get close to the Bolivian culture.

In the section below, we have tried to present you a list of a few of the street foods …

The best restaurants in Bolivia

When it comes to traveling, there are a lot of things that come in the list and food is on the top of all. Here we are providing you a list of restaurants that could be considered if you are traveling to Bolivia for the first time and do not have any idea about the places that serve good food.

EL Fogon Del Gringo

Before we discuss much the restaurant, we really need to discuss the city in which it is located. This restaurant is actually in Tarija, which is very close to Argentina and this means that the city is a hub of the Asado, which is a kind of BBQ meat. So, Asado is the most popular cuisine of Tarija and could be found at various places, but what you get at EL Fogon Del Gringo could not be found anywhere else. Not just for the awesome meat …

How Anal Plugs Became Popular in Bolivia?

A butt plug or anal plug is a kind of sex toy which has been specifically designed to be inserted into the rectum for sexual pleasure. In some ways, this is indeed similar to a dildo but it’s much shorter. It also has a flanged end which prevents the toy from being lost or stuck inside the rectum. Bolivia is a country which is known for its legal prostitution and as such it’s not really a surprise that the use of sex toys is prominent there. Anal plugs are unique in that they are kinky but are pleasurable as well. So let’s know more about them:

What do anal plugs feel like?

Anal plugs have been compared to oysters as in it can be pleasurable for one person but another person might not get any enjoyment from it. Butt plugs can be used by anyone with a butt, which means …

15 things to know before booking your trip to Bolivia

Bolivia has always been a center of attraction for travelers, especially for history lovers. However, it is not easy to survive here, if you do not have the proper knowledge of the place and its atmosphere. Here are 15 important things to know before booking your trip to Bolivia.

1.Eyes on thieves

You might be surprised to know, but the reality is that theft is a common sight at Bolivia, mostly, when you are travelling from public transport. This is the first thing that you should keep in your mind while you are travelling to this place. You should obviously not resist yourself from doing all the fun, but always try to keep your essentials with you while travelling from one corner to another.

2.Over- hydration is a problem

You know already that Bolivia is a high altitude place and you need to travel a lot in order to go …

Where to stay in Bolivia?

Bolivia is one of those places that have attracted a lot of tourists from various parts of the world. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best places to spend your vacations, but if you do not have good places to stay there, your trip will end up into misery. Here are a few of the hotel options that you could consider if visiting Bolivia.

EL Palacio De Sal

The hotel is popular around the area obviously because of its unique features, but also because of the way in which it was constructed. This place is also known as the “The Salt Palace” of that particular area. It is spread in 48,500 square foot and was made from a million of salt bricks that were extracted from the Saldar de Uyuni. The best part of this hotel is that each and everything that you find here is made from salt and …

The Best Traits of Bolivian People

If you are living in Bolivia and you need to know the best traits of Bolivian people. Bolivia is a place that is famous for tourist attractions so you can expect courtesy from this place. Bolivia is a formal country that holds its old fashioned values which are still alive.

  • Whenever you will be in the Land in Bolivia you can see that people are greeting one another before they are starting any conversation. It is said that if a person fails to greet another person then it is considered to be a rude gesture. Even in small villages and places the strangers will have to exchange greetings if they pass one another. Two of the most important wishes are Thank You and Please.
  • Most of the Bolivians will treat you with a lot of respect and they will expect the same from you. Using of formal title for addressing